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(Art Trade) Or So He Thought... (Underswap)
Or so he thought, or so she thought, or so THEY thought, whatever the gender, it still has the same meaning: You have just been played like the fool you are.
All is quiet, the shifting in Papyrus's room has settled down. Snores began to sound from the pigsty of a room. Perfect, just what he needed to hear. With a quick movement, San's left eye opens. He chuckles softly, his voice laced with a wanting for one thing, revenge.
Quietly sitting up, Sans got off his bed and headed for his closet. He slowly twists the door knob so it won't make noise. He opens the door, and reaching for the floor, he grabs some rope. He got it from Alphys, who of which gave it to him as remembrance of how he mastered rope knots during training. Call it a sentimental thing.
Sans didn't bother to close the door, even though he could do it without making sounds. Going back over to his bed, he searches for his bandanna, quickly finding it. With the stuff in his right hand, he quietly sneaks out of his room, light
:iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 13 12
New Wolf OC! by SkyloxAndMinecraft New Wolf OC! :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 1 30 Of Course Not, John XD by SkyloxAndMinecraft Of Course Not, John XD :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 0 8 Main Undertale Characters As Paraphilias by SkyloxAndMinecraft Main Undertale Characters As Paraphilias :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 3 23 Tickletale! Sans (AU) by SkyloxAndMinecraft Tickletale! Sans (AU) :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 9 298 My First Monster Energy Drink by SkyloxAndMinecraft My First Monster Energy Drink :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 1 0 Hello People by SkyloxAndMinecraft Hello People :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 1 16 Lucky Duck... by SkyloxAndMinecraft Lucky Duck... :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 0 1
I'm On My Way (Mario Song Parody)
(Notes: Yeah, if you can't read the possibly cut off title: This is a Mario fan parody of the song "Running Down A Dream" by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Idk why or HOW it came to mind, but... Here it is, created and everything... Anyways, hope you like it!)
When I pressed start, the map popped up. I entered level one... World one. Big blue sky... Endless hills... Smashing goombas... Throwing shells.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
To save her again today.
Try to save Princess Peach.
And defeat the Koopa King.
I'm on my way.
The fire shot from my hand, the flower made it possible. If it was blue... It would be ice. The last three worlds, the rage was unbearable. Too many deaths... No progress.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
To save her again today.
Try to save Princess Peach.
And defeat the Koopa King.
I'm on my way.
I approached the castle, it looked dark. I was prepared... To give it my all. Someone needs me, pass the lava and spikes. Here I am Bowser, that girl is mine.
Yeah, I'm on my way.
To save
:iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 0 0
Fridge, What Are You Doing?! by SkyloxAndMinecraft Fridge, What Are You Doing?! :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 1 339 The Lord's Tapestry by SkyloxAndMinecraft The Lord's Tapestry :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 3 0 What The... O-O by SkyloxAndMinecraft
Mature content
What The... O-O :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 3 2
Me As Zacharie by SkyloxAndMinecraft Me As Zacharie :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 2 3 Kankri Supporting Autism by SkyloxAndMinecraft Kankri Supporting Autism :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 5 0 Karkat: Break The Fourth Wall by SkyloxAndMinecraft Karkat: Break The Fourth Wall :iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 5 41
In The Distance (Homestuck X Dazed! Tired! Reader)
~ Intro ~
You heard voices, but couldn't make out exactly what they were. They were just distant muffles. Your eyes may seem open, by they feel so heavy to you. They are burning, an invisible feeling of sand in the corners. All of your focus is on one spot, and that is the painting on the wall.
No doubt about it, you were tired and exhausted from your long day. It felt as though you were high, but really, you weren't... You sighed, forcing yourself to pull your attention away from the boring painting. You don't know why you put that there. Maybe it was because you were in one of those moments and wanted a dark themed painting, or something.
You moved your attention to the group of people sitting and chatting in your living room. You couldn't focus all that good on what they were saying due to your mind being fuzzy. You yawned, wanting to go lay down, but couldn't. You had to watch these people until they left. And now you regret inviting them over because of your stupid boredom...
:iconskyloxandminecraft:SkyloxAndMinecraft 8 13


Redraw Ticci  by ilovefood11 Redraw Ticci :iconilovefood11:ilovefood11 1 2 oc not mine gift for SkyloxAndMinecraft by ilovefood11 oc not mine gift for SkyloxAndMinecraft :iconilovefood11:ilovefood11 1 8
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Writing SEX :iconookamikasumi:OokamiKasumi 156 67
Aren't you getting a little too old for that? by ASSORTEDJELLIES Aren't you getting a little too old for that? :iconassortedjellies:ASSORTEDJELLIES 2,034 159 Tony the talking clock figurine by RKW2004 Tony the talking clock figurine :iconrkw2004:RKW2004 11 30 Dead Punk Rock - Skullboy by Eyardt Dead Punk Rock - Skullboy :iconeyardt:Eyardt 340 21 +The Princess and her Guardian+ by larienne +The Princess and her Guardian+ :iconlarienne:larienne 1,873 122 karkat by dobie karkat :icondobie:dobie 3,506 204 Stripper Rat by ChinaFan15 Stripper Rat :iconchinafan15:ChinaFan15 7 135 Eren's magical misfortune by Tickleforyou Eren's magical misfortune :icontickleforyou:Tickleforyou 130 44 Bec in Black by Persona-Triste Bec in Black :iconpersona-triste:Persona-Triste 24 12 Disco DaveKat by sailorluna1 Disco DaveKat :iconsailorluna1:sailorluna1 26 15 Cute Baby Bonzi Bonnie Chat Icon by gold94chica Cute Baby Bonzi Bonnie Chat Icon :icongold94chica:gold94chica 1,099 690 Lovewins! by TornpaiThePerv Lovewins! :icontornpaitheperv:TornpaiThePerv 1 21
Scp 999 x Male! Teen! Reader
    (Y/m) held on to his father's arm terrified. His dad brought him to work on one of the Sunday's in summer. Almost no one was there but a few scientists (including your dad) and guards. Even though you were 13, shy and easily frightened. Your father was called in last minute and having no one around to watch you, he took you with him.
    "It's okay (y/n)" You father said putting an arm around you. You two finally reached his station. You sat next to him as he worked. For about an hour you heard screams and gun shots. "D-Daddy." You said holding his arm. "It's okay (Y/n)." He said. The guards chuckled at the sight. You blushed.
    "Come on guys, he's fragile." Your dad said. You were about to cry. Your dad sighed before smiling and holding you. "(Y/n) your safe." He said starting to tickle your side. "EHehehahah! D-Dad!" You giggled as he just barley touched your side's. You heard the guards laugh but it was an amussed laugh.
:iconqobecwilliams:QobecWilliams 64 17

Mature Content

Bodil666 X Herobrine - For SkyloxAndMinecraft by Blooxi


Pros: This by far is the most Iv'e seen Enderlox this evil, cause I never took him seriously. But you just made me re-think my whole ou...

This is really adorable and has a lot of fluff in it, that is what I like in romance. I don't think the background is lazy at all! In f...

by bubble-chan192

I like this, the shining in the eye really catches my attention. I love how you use different coloring styles in different sections of ...


Or so he thought, or so she thought, or so THEY thought, whatever the gender, it still has the same meaning: You have just been played like the fool you are.

All is quiet, the shifting in Papyrus's room has settled down. Snores began to sound from the pigsty of a room. Perfect, just what he needed to hear. With a quick movement, San's left eye opens. He chuckles softly, his voice laced with a wanting for one thing, revenge.

Quietly sitting up, Sans got off his bed and headed for his closet. He slowly twists the door knob so it won't make noise. He opens the door, and reaching for the floor, he grabs some rope. He got it from Alphys, who of which gave it to him as remembrance of how he mastered rope knots during training. Call it a sentimental thing.

Sans didn't bother to close the door, even though he could do it without making sounds. Going back over to his bed, he searches for his bandanna, quickly finding it. With the stuff in his right hand, he quietly sneaks out of his room, light on his feet and tip-toeing. He was barely making any sounds at all, which was a good thing. It took a while to get to the room, but it was worth it.

'Dang it, his door is closed, and he'll know if I'll open it, even if he's in the deepest sleep ever! Hmmm... I'll have to try teleportation.' Sans thought. Well, it was a worth a try.

Concentrating super hard, Sans focused on the spot on the other side of the door in his head. When he opened his eyes, he was in Papyrus's room! Sans was so excited, but he had to contain it so he wouldn't wake Papyrus up. Looking over to the sprawled out skeleton, Sans began to wonder how this would work out. He could use his magic, but he's not really all that good, and if he did it normally, it might wake up Papyrus.

Sans took a deep breath, and started to do what he could. Using his magic, Sans carefully shifted Papyrus's arms so they're against the two bed posts. Quietly going over, Sans gently started to tie Papyrus's wrists to the bed posts. Sans then takes his blindfold and quickly, yet swiftly, puts it over Papyrus's eyes as a blindfold. Not only would it help with increasing sensitivity, but it will block Papyrus's magic too!

Going to the end of the bed, Sans, not so discreetly this time, began to tie Papyrus's ankles to the middle head board. Sans lets out a breath of relief. He could NOT believe that he actually did all that without waking up Papyrus. But, as much as he tried to not wake him, it was, believe it or not, time to wake him. Sans jumps up onto the bed and sits on Papyrus's legs.

"Oh Papyyyy~! Wake uuuup~!" Sans said in a soft voice, but it wasn't a whisper. He then reaches over and starts to lightly wiggle his fingers on Papyrus's soles. Sans switched from the left, to the right, in a back and forth manner.

As he awoke from his slumber, Papyrus began to giggle and, on instinct, tried to pull his hands forward. He got confused when he realized he couldn't move... And there was pressure on his legs. It didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out who did this. He tried to use his magic to free himself from the bonds, but he couldn't focus his energy!

"S-Sahahahans! Whahahahat's the meheheheheheaning of this?!" Papyrus questioned, trying to break free from the rope. Sans stopped his light tickling for the moment, and rested his hand on Papyrus's toes. Sans smirked, feeling victorious already.

"Remember when I said "you're so gonna get it"? Well, uhhh, sorry Papy, but you're so gonna get it~." Sans said in a somewhat taunting voice. This confused Papyrus beyond belief.

"I thought you fell asleep? ... You mean to tell me... I've been jinxed?!"

Hearing that made Sans snort. He found it amusing how Papyrus, his older brother, the TALLER one for crying out loud, was actually tricked by him, the smaller and younger one. That had to count as some sort of accomplishment.

"Yep! You have been jinxed by The Mighty Sans!" He announces in a boastful way. Papyrus began to panic a little. He's never felt this helpless, not being able to move, can't use his magic, and is completely blind as a bat.

"Sans... Sans, please, I'm SO sorry. Please let me go!" Papyrus pleaded. Sans giggled, shaking his head.

"Nope~! You brought this upon yourself Papyrus. And now, revenge is mine!"

And with that, Sans moved himself so he could reach Papyrus's armpits. Since Papyrus doesn't wear his hoodie to bed, he's only in a tank-top and shorts. That way, it's much easier. Sans smirked deviously as he reached down and started to wiggle his fingers in Papyrus's armpits. Papyrus struggled to hold back his laughter, squirming a bit.

Sans giggled and full on started tickling Papyrus. He scribbled up and down the pits, going pretty fast. Papyrus let loose his laughter, and his squirming became more vivid. He tried to pull his arms down to block the tickles, but it was no use.

"HAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! SAHAHAHAHAHAHANNNS, STOHOHOHOHOHOP~!!" Papyrus begged, his voice losing that deep baritone feel to it. Sans smirked, knowing he's not gonna stop soon.

"Stop? But Papyrus, I just started! I don't think I'll be stopping soon." Sans remarked in a slightly sarcastic voice. That only made Papyrus angry, and he tried to summon his magic, but it didn't work because of the blindfold.

Sans moved down to tickle each of Papyrus's ribs. One by one, very slowly, through his shirt. Papyrus pulled and gripped desperately at the rope. How could Sans be so good at that, Papyrus would never know. Maybe Alphys did teach him well.

"Hmmm, let's count these ribs, shall we? Lets see..." Sans began poking and wiggling his fingers on each ribs, counting each one. "One, two, three, four- Dang it Papy! Now I gotta start aaaall over. One, two, three..."

This, despite it not being his worst spot, was driving Papyrus crazy. His laughter echoed through the whole house, and he was pretty sure people outside could hear it. Well, whoever was outside at this ungodly hour. He didn't think he would be this ticklish, but, surprise surprise, he was.

"SAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHANNNS!!! CUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUT IT OOOUUUUTT!!!" Papyrus howled, wiggling and writhing back and forth as much as the rope allowed. He was so freaking embarrassed! Papyrus hated how he was this ticklish.

"Cut it out? Okay! I'll just move down here!" Sans said, all too innocently. Papyrus knew though that Sans was being anything but innocent. Sans stopped tickling Papyrus's ribs and moved all the way down to his feet.

Sans took a hold of Papyrus's toes and pulled them back. He slowly raked his fingers from the heel all the way up to the bottom of his toes. This drove Papyrus up the wall as well, and Sans couldn't help but chuckle. His laughter was at its highest when the fingers grazed across the middle of his sole. Sans, once again, chuckled.

"Ohh, did I find a weak spot?" Sans stopped tickling for Papyrus to answer. Papyrus began to catch his breath.

"N-No you d-did nOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOT!!!" Papyrus was gonna protest, but his words were cut off when Sans began tickling the middle of his soles again. Papyrus tried his best to thrash around. It made it worse because Papyrus couldn't see where or when he was gonna get tickled.

Sans drew patterns and scribbled all over Papyrus's feet for a good five minutes before letting up on that spot and going back up, giving Papyrus a small break. He flashes an innocent smile, even though Papyrus can't see it.

"So, Papyrus, are you regretting that decision on tickling me?" He asks, his voice as innocent as his smile. Papyrus scoffs and smirks.

"I don't regret it one bit." At those words, Sans shook his head.

"Tch tch tch, well then, I bet you're gonna regret it when I do this." Sans reaches behind him and squeezes Papyrus's knees. At this, he lets out a girly yelp, and mentally slaps himself for sounding as such. San's face grew evil.

"I know where you're most ticklish, Papy~." And with that said, he quickly turns around and starts to attack Papyrus's knees, and the areas around it.

These actions caused Papyrus to SCREAM in laughter. He tries to protest, beg to stop, but it was all too much. He attempts to buck Sans off of him, but Sans was quite the hefty one. Sans giggled at Papyrus's bucking attempts as he reached under and tickled behind the knees. This made Papyrus thrash as much as possible, which wasn't much, considering the way he was tied down.

Sans continued his torturing for another good five minutes before stopping, so he wouldn't kill his brother. Sans got off Papyrus and off the bed, letting Papyrus calm down as he untied his brother and took the blindfold off. Papyrus took in deep breaths, and very quickly, he had calmed down. He almost didn't notice Sans get in bed next to him.

"Heheh... You sure did a number on me, bro." Papyrus pointed out, looking down to his younger brother. Sans looked back up, and he... Actually looked tired.

"Yep, I did... And uhh, I'm pretty tired... I guess those chores can wait." Sans yawns, cuddling up to Papyrus. Papyrus smiles and holds Sans close. He was pretty tired as well. Both of the skeletons close their eyes and fall asleep without another word.

Maybe tickling Sans was a good way to get him to fall asleep, even if it did mean revenge was gonna be a thing.
(Art Trade) Or So He Thought... (Underswap)
FINALLY!!!! After forever and a day, I have finally, FINALLY managed to get this story done! This is WAY over due, and I highly apologize.

This was done for an art trade with me and zeroa5raven. They wanted a sequel to Yoshachu's fanfiction "Go To Sleep", a revenge sequel. In return, they drew me a picture of Ticci (Tickletale! Sans) meeting Swap Sans and tickling him.

I hope it turned out okay. I'm sorry if it wasn't descriptive enough!
New Wolf OC!
Name: Echo "Toxic" Jaxson

Gender: Male

Age: 3 (Human years)

Code Name: Motion Light

Background: Echo used to be an ordinary wolf who lived in a forest, that was dangerously close to a toxic waste dump. He one day traveled too far from the pack, and stumbled upon the waste site. He didn't go too far, but, Echo did find something... Interesting. As he approached it, he began to feel dizzy. He passed out, and when he woke up, the item was around his neck, and he is now what you see in the picture.

Powers: He can spew out toxic slime, and he can inject venom into his bitten enemies. His claws, if they cut deep enough, can infect the organism. He can also let out a deadly screech.

Personality: Echo may seem like a dangerous wolf at first, but he just needs to get used to you first, see if he can trust you. He's very quiet, but soon enough, he opens up more and actually has regular conversations. But, other than that, if he's alone and there's no one around that he trusts, he doesn't go searching for people.

Well, that's everything I wanted to write down! If you want to know more, go ahead and ask me or him. :3 He is definitely an RP character, so RPs are a-okay!

I didn't make the drawing, I used Wyndbain's wolf maker!

Have a good day. ^w^
Of Course Not, John XD
Suuuuure, you keep telling yourself that~. XD

Omg, haven't posted anything in a good minute... Or not, I can't remember my last submission. XD

Found this on Google+. I am extremely active on there now, so go follow me if you have one! I am Icy Blue Meltdown.

Also, I have no idea where this would go. O_O
Main Undertale Characters As Paraphilias
Hey, what's up you guys? Yes, today I am gonna show you all what the main characters' (except for Chara and Frisk because they're human) paraphilias are from Undertale! Not necessarily what the characters have themselves, but what it would reflect on US if WE were sexually attracted to them! Confused? No worries! I will explain down below.
Character: Flowey

Philia: Chlorophilia/Phytophilia

Definition: One who is sexually attracted to plants.

My Thoughts: It's alright if you have this philia. I mean, some plants can save your life! But, some plants are also deadly... Like Flowey. Be careful which plant you have sex with!
Characters: Toriel, Asriel, Asgore

Philia: Tragosphilia

Definition: People who are sexually attracted to goats.

My Thoughts: I kinda have mixed feelings about this one. I mean, if it's your thing, it's your thing. I don't mind, yet at the same time, it's kinda gross. Basically, keep me out of it, because it's not something I would have conversation on. Make sure not to get into too much trouble!
Characters: Sans, Papyrus

Philia: Necrophilia

Definition: Someone who is sexually attracted to corpses/skeletons/the dead.

My Thoughts: Honestly, I kinda like this one. Not because Sans and Papyrus are probably my most fave characters, but because this one is probably one of the first few paraphilias I discovered. Besides the fact that having sex with the dead is kinda gross, it can also be dangerous as well, getting infections and stuff. Once again, be careful!
Character: Undyne

Philia: Ichthyophilia

Definition: People who are sexually attracted to fish.

My Thoughts: This ones kinda weird. Still, if you like fish in that way, it's fine... Just keep me out of it.
Character: Alphys

Philia: Herpetophilia

Definition: People who are sexually attracted to lizards/dinosaurs.

My Thoughts: Dinos and lizards are awesome, but I don't think I would consider myself attracted to them that way. If I had the chance, I would probably not do it, because bestiality. But hey, you do that if you want to.
Character (Which I TOTALLY forgot to add): Muffet

Philia: Arachnophilia

Definition: Sexual attraction towards spiders.

My Thoughts: I have Arachnophobia... Nuff said
Character: Mettaton

Philia: Technophilia

Definition: Sexual attraction to technology/robots/androids, also known as "Technosexuality".

My Thoughts: I like this one too. If I had a theme to describe my love for tech, it would be none other than "Anbroids 2.0". Yes, there's no lyrics, but it's literally a song that sounds like technology. Heh
I may have probably gotten a LOT of stuff wrong, but I think this is all correct. Correct anything you want, I'm up for POSITIVE and HELPFUL criticism! Tell me, do you guys have any of these paraphilias? Tell me in the comments!

Also, sorry if this is the wrong category! Idk what it would be.
Ughhh, I hate being sick... It only started out as my throat hurting and tons of coughing. But, last night, I woke up COLD. The weird part is that I was under my blanket!


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Iva: Let whatever happen, happen.

Thanks to :iconbanana-pajamas:, I finally found the base for my current icon! The base is not theirs, however, so if you use it, don't give full credit to them for making, because they only uploaded it.

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